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UMANG is a  Business Enterprise under MSME GOVT.OF INDIA(Regi.No:UDYAM-GJ-01-0021846) based in Ahmedbad Gujarat started with aim to provide quality service in sustainable Art education,Cultural World Tourism,Fashion Events in collaboration with like minded service providers across the world.

Learning Art is a essential skill which enhance and capable a human being mentally as well as emotionally more strong along with creative quotient;also it neccessary for one's overall UMANG we encourage with freedom to learn and guide them with fun loving practice based environment learning process with outdoor study. One can opt for career after Design learning course and we provide guidance for the same and our students from all age group prefer to learn from us.

Responding to a growing desire among today's travelers for journeys beyond the map, a breakaway from regularity gets you under the skin of an experience. Because travel today is no longer about transporting people to someplace else, Umang fills in these blanks with transcending experiences which you can leisurely unpack over a lifetime.

Aware that time is the new money, we offer immersive short and long breakaways, which you can sign up for, or have customized, assured on every count. Because today more and more people (like you and us) are no longer content being observers, striking items off holiday checklists. We are not tour operators, who drive you by the sights. We're a committed resource who offers you a deeper, more authentic and more profound experience of a place and people, rather than a "drive by" holiday.

Your Breakaway comes with an added assurance. A travel companion who helps you look rather than see, listen rather than hear and quietly sculpts your trip with an unimaginable dimension. Filling in travel blanks by being part of singular inspiring encounters, simply, authentically and profoundly.

Our bank of Breakaways is built on the strength of partnerships and shared beliefs. So rather than re-create isolated and hidden experiences that exist, we've listened in at campfires and traced travel whispers to the last lake house, mountain bend and rain cloud. All so we could join hands with a quiet fellowship in the countryside and cities. From culinary to heritage, feel it all first hand.

Need a Breakaway? Embark, from wherever you are.

Umang collaborate with world class fashion hub/event management firms/agencies/magazines and provide platform for Aspirant Youth to excel career in challenging world of glamour by providing professional modelling portfolio and international exposure with various fashion events and workshops across world.

UMANG is a modest effort to excel best in industry practice for art and culture with aim to provide best service in cultural tourism and wish to interwoven experince to the customers who really like to excurse and indulge in cultural aestheticism.

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